Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open Access Week

As I'm sure you know, we're smack in the middle of Open Access Week. There are lots of activities planned around the world to promote open access to scholarship. Why should we promote OA as a distribution model? Open access levels the playing field of knowledge to an unprecedented extent. While the digital divide still impacts that access, it's undeniable that OA removes many previous barriers to the democratic dissemination of knowledge. Further, OA enables the scholarly community to gain from the wisdom of the crowd to advance scholarship in new and creative ways.

During OA week, Duke Law School is hosting a one-day conference on Implementing the Durham Statement. Here, James, Boyle, co-founder of Duke Law's Center for the Study of the Public Domain and a founding Director of Creative Commons, talks about the OA and Creative Commons.

How is your library celebrating Open Access Week?

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