Thursday, November 18, 2010


This weekend I'm attending my first ever TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) event! At the invitation of my son, Sam and his girlfriend, Danielle, I'm heading to Montreal early Sat. to attend TEDxMcGill! The theme is Relentless Curiosity. I'm so looking forward to the experience. And especially to hearing from Henry Mintzberg, noted Canadian scholar, on why managers need to be curious. In an article in The Economist in 2009, Mintzberg is quoted as saying, "the job of managing is fundamentally one of processing information, notably by talking and especially by listening." He noted that the average manager "thrives on interruptions and more often than not disposes of items in ten minutes or less." And he found that managers were able to engage in sustained, uninterrupted work (more than 30 minutes) only once every two days. You're probably not surprised, given the extreme multi-tasking in which we all regularly participate. But Mintzberg's study took place in 1975! An era devoid of the hyperconnectivity of our modern lives. I am definitely curious to hear his ideas.

Have you attended a TED event? Any tips for me as I prepare? Any stories to share?

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