Monday, March 21, 2011

Embracing curation

On Sat. I was listening to WAMC in the car and on the short drive between home and Cafe 333, where my husband and I were having dinner, I heard a story broadcasting from SXSW about the important role of the content creator as curator. Because I was multi-tasking (i.e. carrying on a conversation with Bill, adjusting the heat, checking my purse to make sure I had my cell phone, etc.) and because the restaurant is only a three-minute drive from our house, I didn't get to really lock in on the story. But the main theme was that those who are creating content should embrace the opportunity to serve as curators of content; to become trusted sources of information. I'm pretty sure it was Steven Rosenbaum talking about his book, Curation Nation.

In that short ride I was struck with the realization that I haven't heard librarians talking much about curation. Librarians and other information professionals are in the midst of a sort of identity crisis, and I've listened to lots of conversations about how we market our skills and the value we add in the new information economy. I think curation is an apt term for much of the work we do.The goal of branding ourselves and our libraries as trusted sources is exactly our goal. I'm curious to see if Rosenbaum thought about libraries. I've ordered the book and I'll let you know.

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