Friday, March 25, 2011

Are the tools of collaboration working for us?

In a post this week on ReadWriteBiz John Titlow writes about the benefits of online collaboration tools. The title of the post is Despite Hype, Companies Doubt the Benefits of Collaboration Tools, yet the content of the post doesn't support that thesis. I would reach a different conclusion from the data drawn from a cited Forrester report, which was the basis for Titlow's posting. According to that report "64% said they saw anywhere from zero to four benefits after implementing collaboration software." But a single benefit could be significant enough to warrant continued support of and investment in collaboration solutions. It's not the number of benefits, but the value of those benefits that matters. Only 3% said they had seen no improvement since adopting collaboration tools. This means 97% saw some benefit! Perhaps the Forrester Report provides more evidence for the doubt this post suggests. But without more to go on I think the title of the post should be Collaboration Tools Are Changing the Way We Work!

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