Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All librarians should read Curation Nation!

OK, I'm not done with it yet but I'm still recommending it. Steven Rosenbaum has done an excellent job of capturing the current state of affairs in content creation and information distribution. His book should warm the hearts of every librarian out there who fears being rendered obsolete by the new information economy. According to my reading of Rosenbaum, as practitioners of a discipline steeped in the tradition of curation, librarians ARE the next big thing! We've been ahead of the curve all along.  Despite his mischaracterization of librarians as "a group of daunting and often stern people," the curated world Rosenbaum envisions is OUR world! "Curation," says Rosenbaum, "has always been the process of discerning quality." EXACTLY! I think we should throw over the term 'collection development' in favor of 'curation.' And get this pearl from Rosenbaum. "No longer is the owner of the distribution system the king of the castle. Today, curation is king." (emphasis mine!) This is our day people! As Stephen Abram said on his blog Stephen's Lighthouse, "If library land can’t find a strong positioning in this world, we’re not looking hard enough." READ THIS BOOK! Discuss!

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